Dog Training: Get your dog to come on command

Whether you have a puppy or adult dog the “come” command might be your most valuable tool. When you walk a dog on a leash you have physical control over your pet. However, if you are at a park or another public place where your dog can be unleashed this may pose as a challenge. Here are some easy tips for training your dog to come to you.

  1. Be patient and fun. It’s a face that the more interesting you are the more likely your dog will respond to you.

  2. Have treats and give praise. Most dogs are motivated by food and love. Rewarding your pet is a must when trying to change or encourage positive behavior. Start in your home where you can control the environment. Practice calling from a short distance and when he/she responses immediately share the reward and praise. Don’t hold back. In this case more will be better.

  3. Repetition is key. Repeat training several times throughout the day in short segments. Avoid training that last more than 5-10 minutes, especially in puppies.

  4. Take it outside. If your pet masters the indoor activity take it outside. Move to the backyard and repeat Steps 2 and 3. If you have set backs in training remember Step 1, patience.

  5. Distractions will happen. Be prepared for your furry friend to ignore you when something more exciting goes by. If this happens do not call to him/her. Instead take a treat and go to your buddy. Show the treat and secure the collar when he/she comes to get it. Immediately give the treat and gently guide the dog to your intended location. Avoid harsh movements or rough collar grabbing. Once you are at the destination release and let the dog get back to playing. If you or the dog are not having fun it’s time to stop.

  6. It’s time for the park. Once you both master the backyard move to a park and eventually to the dog park. If at any point you have a setback it’s okay to return to an environment that is more easily controlled.

Happy training. For other ideas and articles on pets please visit


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