Pet Sitting -- What you should know

Not all pet sitters are the same. With internet access it can be easy to find someone to care for your pet. There are websites designed to connect you to "sitters" who may or may not be a good fit for your pet. How do you decide?

To Board or Not to Board -- Is that the first question?

To answer this you consider what your pet needs. The in-home sitting experience offers many benefits to your fury friend, including familiarity, personalized care, and limited exposure to other animals. For the pet owner it can be piece of mind knowing your loved one is in a safe environment and not having to impose on friends/family. On the flip side, not all pets do well when left unattended for periods of time.

Not All Pet Sitters Are Equal -- What should you consider in hiring one?

Pet sitters should have a business license, insurance, and bond coverage. These key requirements will protect your pet, your home, and the pet sitter in the event that an unexpected situation arises. We recommend having a meet and greet session to see how your pet interacts with the sitter. Be prepared to ask questions. Trust is going to be a huge factor in your decision and the first impression is critical. Make sure that you validate your must-have criteria during the meet and greet. Once you decide on a sitter, consider placing a visible live-feed camera in your home to offer you some comfort (until trust can be established). Wagging Tails Guru offers pet check-in photos after each visit.

Should You Use Online Service Pairing Provide (will not mention anyone specifically)?

Recently, someone shared that they used a service provider to hire a third-party pet sitter. He sited the factors for using this service were 1) it was cheap and 2) I could bring my dog to their house. Every pet owner needs to make the decision that is best for him or her. In-home pet sitting might not work for everyone and we understand that. Our goal at Wagging Tails Guru is to provide you with a better understanding of your options. We are available to answer any of your questions, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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