What dog toys can withstand chewing?

Luke (the yellow lab in the picture) is having his first birthday next month. Having a puppy can be rewarding and challenging. He is active, cuddly, and smart among many other color adjectives. With these wonderful attributes there are the other ones that a pet owner must manage. Over the next few weeks I'm going to speak from one dog owner to another about some of those important topics, including toys, exercise, and kennel crating.

Today, I want to share two toys that Luke spent the summer enjoying. Both toys are under $15.

The first is Luke's favorite, the CHUCKIT Ziplight Glow Fetch Toy. What makes this on our top two list is the lightweight material and the center ring. The ring makes it easy for him to pick up and carry (correction "run") around the backyard. The lightweight makes it easy for the dog owner to throw far distances. This would be a great toy for the dog park. Just keep in mind, if your dog isn't interested in retrieving then toss the frisbee a short distance before exploring the long range of this toy.

On to favorite toy #2, Kong's Jumbler Football Toy. This toy comes in two sizes, medium/large and large/x-large. Below is the large/x-large (Luke weights about 62 pounds). What I like about this toy is that it withstood Luke's desire to chew on things. You will see some chew marks, but no holes or deep impressions. It is a bit on the heavy side for throwing, however the open grips are good for the dog owner and the pooch.

Both toys withstood the Dallas summer heat and sun. Let us know what your dog's favorite toys are.

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