Meet & Greet Request

What to expect

The meet and greet provides the pet owner, pet, and pet sitter with an opportunity to get to know each other. It also allows us the ability to understand your pet's environment. This is your opportunity to ask us questions.


Our Goal

We want you to feel comfortable, so when you leave on your journey there is a peace of mind knowing that your pets are taken care of.


Requesting a Meet & Greet Session

Fill out the online form and our office will be notified of your request. In the comment section let us know what days and times typically work best for you. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible, usually 2-4 hours.


We like to hold a meet and greet within 1-3 weeks prior to the first visit.


There is no fee for this 20-30 minute session.


If you have any questions call 469-514-4111.


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